Remodeling Contractor Services

Chef-Quality Kitchens

We are not your average every-day remodeling company. Our chef-quality kitchens will go beyond your expectations. We have the vision and talent to create the dream kitchen your home craves! Trends are changing. The counter-tops of today vary greatly from the counter-tops of yesterday. Installing a clean updated look with a new counter-top can make all the difference. Kitchen cabinets are the crown of the room. We work with quality suppliers for semi-custom and custom cabinets. A creative back-splash not only adds style, elegance, and personality, but you can raise the value of your home most definitely. Create more counter space and a bonus of storage easily with an island. Need new appliances? Our kitchen design and remodeling team install and test them. 

Allen & Frey is well known for creating professional top-to-bottom, well-constructed, remodels. We build kitchens beyond your dreams.

Remodeling Contractor ServicesHigh-End Bathroom Remodels

Bathrooms can be improved for aesthetics, but also for functionality! Our bathroom remodeling team works hard to not only bring you a beautiful design but a practical one. Updates can be beneficial for the eyes but also for your pocketbook when it comes to the water bill. Replacing the toilet can be taxing; they are heavy and fragile. The plumbing can be intricate and tedious. Leave it to the licensed contractors at Allen & Frey to ensure proper operation! One of the biggest eye-sores of a bathroom can be an old sink. There is such a vast array of newer designs out there that the options are endless! One of the best reasons to redo your bathroom is the tub/shower. We start with a high-end bathroom design, and then implement the plan accordingly. Trying to coordinate the high-end bathroom remodel features you are wanting can make your head spin. Don’t waste your time and energy. Let us take that stress off your shoulders. We create dream bathrooms!

Room Additions

Room additions are the answer for families that love their home. Life happens, and sometimes there just aren't enough rooms in the home. Let us add some! Our jobs are well-thought-out, with all aspects of construction considered. We understand that rooms additions are a big deal. We keep the look and feel of the original architecture in mind from start to finish. We are transparent and thorough with the job. You will have full disclosure and understanding from throughout the process of building your room addition project

Leaving rooms additions to licensed professionals cannot be overstated. With the high expense of this type of job, you want to ensure that it is done right. No matter if it’s an office or a new baby’s room we have the skills needed to efficiently add on to your home.

We Are Home Builders

At Allen & Frey we don’t just remodel, we also build homes from scratch. If you are looking for home builders that specialize in high-end design and quality materials, look no further. We can build it in the location you choose just the way you want it. Our builders understand that customization really is a huge plus when it comes to buying a home. We want to make sure the house becomes a home by fitting it to your style and needs. Allen & Frey will make sure you have the chance to choose the latest technological advances from solar panels to autonomous heating and air control. We will give your dream home the attention it deserves keeping you in the loop every step of the way. 

At Allen & Frey our team is your team. We will work hard and with you in planning what works! 

Home Maintenance

Allen & Frey understands that a lot of homeowners don’t have the time or knowledge to update their homes alone. Ever start a project and then halfway through realize that you should have called a professional? There are millions of people that get encouragement from YouTube or their neighbor that an update such as installing a new light fixture or doing some electrical wiring work can be done by the homeowner. Now, don’t get us wrong, some people are phenomenal at DIY. We commend you! For the rest, we are here for you. Don’t take on more than you can bear. Let our home remodeling and home maintenance team take the burden of raising your homes equity. In the long run, you’ll thank us!

Whether it’s adding a deck, a back-splash, or installing a new lighting fixture we have you covered! Our remodeling contractors are here to answer your questions.